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Aldi Graduate. The thing that makes someone get up at 5am and ride. We want it.

At Aldi we're looking for outstanding graduates to fill our Area Manager role, born leaders possessing the drive and ambition to succeed in a demanding and fast-paced environment.

Graduate careers

Aldi Opportunities. Sweet choice.

Hard working? Like challenges and responsibility? Then you really can take your pick from the many different store careers and distribution opportunities available to you at Aldi. Store manager, store assistant, full time, part time... if you're willing to put in 110% effort, we want you.


Aldi Placement. A juicy proposition

If you join our Retail Placement Scheme, you'll not only enjoy a busy year gaining valuable experience working with one of the world's leading grocery retailers, you'll also be better placed for further advancement onto our coveted Area Management Scheme.

Aldi Retail Placement

Aldi Apprenticeship. Like an exciting new career?

Have you got what it takes to get on our Apprentice Training Programme? Can you achieve what others only aspire to? If you can you could soon be joining us.

Aldi Apprenticeship Aldi Logistics Apprenticeship

Aldi is an equal opportunities employer. This means that at Aldi there should be no discrimination or harassment of any employee or job applicant on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or belief. It means that Aldi offers equal treatment and equal opportunities to all employees and job applicants.

All staff are expected to abide by this policy. Aldi will not tolerate sexual or racial harassment or any form of discrimination under any circumstances. Any member of staff who harasses or discriminates against another employee or customer of Aldi will be liable to summary dismissal under Aldi's disciplinary procedure.